Born in Pasadena, California George Nader was among the brightest talents. He was born of Alice (Kansas) and a father of the same name from Illinois. George Nader Sr. had Lebanese blood and passed on the traits to his son. George Garfield Nader had the looks and personality of a stud.

In 1954 George Nader won a Golden Globe award as Most Promising Male Newcomer of the year. This was right after he starred in one of the most infamous movies of all times Robot Monster. This was a 3D film directed by Phil Tucker in just 4 days. The budget of the movie was only $16,000 and went on to make millions. Even today, Robot Monster is labeled as one of the worst movies of all times.

George Nader after his contract with Universal due to Robot Monster went ahead to star in many noteworthy pictures, for example, Six Bridges to Cross (1955) and Away All Boats (1956), both directed by Joseph Pevney.

George Nader struggled and endured but never lied openly about his sexual orientation. His first money making movie, Robot Monster bagged him a contract with Universal. And it was Universal who destroyed his Hollywood career in a bid to protect its shining star Rock Hudson from a Gay scandal.

George Nader, ever the champion packed his bags and moved to Europe. He starred in a series of German films and many TV shows such as The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen and The Man and the Challenge.

In Europe, George Nader managed to achieve the stardom which might not have been possible in Hollywood under the shadow of other ‘beefcake’ actors.

Unfortunately, George Nader met with an accident after which his eyes could not stand the shine of bright lights. With Miller in tow, Nader moved back to Palm Springs in California where he lived till his dying days. Once George Nader’s acting career was over, he focused on writing sci-fi. He excelled in this field as well and came up with ‘Chrome’ which has 6 publications to date.