An actor’s first film makes or breaks his career. George Nader started his career with an irony. His first film which hit the theatres was Rustlers on Horseback (directed by Fred C. Brannon), in 1950. George Nader’s subsequent featuring part came the following year in Rod Amateau’s Monsoon.

However, it was Robot Monster in 1953 which got George Nader the accolades and awards. Labeled as one of the worst films in the history of theatre, Robot Monster, allowed Nader to bag his first production house, none other than Universal.

While working on films, George Nader continued working in plays such as ‘summer and smoke’ in Pasadena Playhouse. His further films included Sins of Jezebel (1953) where he played the part of Paulette Goddard. Unfortunately for Nader, Universal already had many beefcake actors on its payroll such as Jeff Chandler, Rock Hudson and Tony Curtis.

George Nader’s first film for Universal was a western. He acted in a supporting role and was credited after Rory Calhoun and Colleen Miller in ‘Four Guns to the Border’ (1954). After this, he starred as a supporting actor to Tony Curtis against Julie Adams in Six Bridges to Cross (1955).

George Nader always found himself working in their shadows. Nevertheless, he did every role, whether big or small. Such was his passion towards cinema. One of his famed supporting roles is in Carnival Story (1954). He was also acclaimed for his part in Miss Robin Crusoe (1954) at Fox where he played the part of a male beau.

George Nader had many small parts in multiple films like in You’re in the Navy Now (1951), The Prowler (1951), Take Care of My Little Girl (1951), The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951), and Two Tickets to Broadway (1951). He had a greater part in a Tim Holt Western, Overland Telegraph (1951), and a dramatization, Monsoon (1952).

George Nader had top credits for acting in Four Girls around the local area (1957) and Man Afraid (1957). Nader upheld Audie Murphy in Joe Butterfly (1957), a military parody. He had the lead in Appointment with a Shadow (1958) and Flood Tide (1958).

There were many other films and TV series he worked in. However, his last film before his car accident was Nakia a television movie.