George Nader – A Hollywood actor who turned into a homosexual author

Not many actors can boast of being a writer as well as a theatre specialist. However, George Nader was one such person. Born in Pasadena, George Nader always had the good looks and beefy personality which were needed to be a star in Hollywood. George Nader met his life partner Mark Miller while acting on stage for Pasadena Playhouse.

A true romantic to the core, Nader and Miller stayed together through many ups and downs of life.Together they created one of the most inspiring gay sci-fi novels, ‘Chrome’. Published in 1978, Chrome is still one of the most sought-after books of all times. It surpasses the literature and stories written in today’s time as well. Such was the insight which

George Nader had on being a gay in the American community.

With LGBT movement happening in a big way across the globe, works like ‘Chrome’ have been revived from the dead. George Nader also co-authored another book called the ‘Perils of Paul’. This was, however, published quietly in a self-publication attempt a few years before the death of George Nader even though it was written in early 80s.

George Nader had written openly about the perils of being a homosexual in the acting community of Hollywood. The topic was as much as a taboo in the 90s as it is today. George Nader named names and explained in detail real episodes which he faced while in Hollywood.

George Nader was more emotionally involved with the gay community as his career was wrecked by a tabloid. ‘Confidential’ printed his being gay, which took a toll on his acting and contract with Universal. Even though Nader salvaged his acting career in Europe, he never fully recovered from the setback. Who can say, what goes on in the minds of true artists? However, George Nader was truly among special people who made a mark by raising their voice for homosexuality.